Bulawayo starts work on Nkomo statue


Bulawayo – The city council has started setting up the pedestal on which the three-metre-high statue of the late Father Zimbabwe, Joshua Nkomo, will be erected in time for next month’s Heroes’ Day commemoration.
Council workers were yesterday busy digging the area where the statue will be erected at the corner of Main Street and Eighth Avenue.
The site is where the statue of Cecil John Rhodes once stood.
The local authority passed a resolution to erect the statue of General Josh — as Nkomo was also known — in a suit wielding his traditional cane.
Government has financed the carving of the two statues, one to be erected in Bulawayo and another in Harare.
The proposal to erect Nkomo’s statue at Karigamombe Centre in Harare has sparked an uproar, with some people saying such a move would be an insult to the memory of Nkomo, one of the founding fathers of this nation.
Nkomo’s only surviving son, Michael Sibangilizwe Nkomo, recently told NewsDay that he was against the erection of his late father’s statue at Karigamombe Centre because of the negative political connotations he had learnt were associated with such a move.
The issue of the proposed statue arose during a full council meeting in Harare recently, where it raised a storm among councillors who said they feared the move would provoke a tribal backlash.