Delta to sink $1,3 million in Megapak


Delta Corporation will be sinking $1,3 million in Megapak, its Ruwa-based packaging subsidiary, for plant upgrade, including the acquisition of moulds and equipment compatible with the packaging requirements of its new Polyethylene Terephthatlate (PET) line.
Megapak, a 51-49% joint-venture between Delta and South Africa’s Nampak, supplies all of Delta’s packaging requirements. The PET line, acquired from KHS of Germany at a total cost of $4 million, was designed to pack three PET sizes, 2 litres, 1,5 litres and 500 ml.
It was installed at Delta Beverages’ soft beverages plant in Harare’s Graniteside last month and will be commissioned tomorrow.
The conglomerate has already paid a deposit of $2,5 million for the PET line with an installed capacity of 30 000 bottles per hour.
The investment is expected to boost Delta Beverages’ soft drink volumes by 149% this year and adequately replace PET imports from Botswana, South Africa and Zambia.
“We are launching now the main brands Coke, Fanta and Sprite in 500ml, whilst the supplier of the bottles is fabricating moulds for the other brands, Sparletta and Schweppes,” Alex Makamure, Delta Corporation company secretary, said. “The plan is to launch the 2 litre pack by August and then introduce Schweppes mixers and sparkling water brands by the end of the calendar year.”
Makamure said Delta plans to invest in vending equipment, trolleys and coolers in the next few months to improve accessibility of the products to consumers. The company will also be introducing the 24-hour Energy drink in the next two weeks.
With the volume of soft drinks set to jump in the outlook, Delta Beverages is also considering alternative sources of water, one of its key ingredients. There are plans to drill boreholes at its Graniteside plant to counteract periodic cuts by the municipality.
“We sometimes fetch water from other places when we have water cuts,” said Makamure. “We are investigating on the quality of underground water available.
We still have to look at the processing system for the borehole water as it requires some filters as underground water sometimes has stones in it. But the major challenge is that the water plant was designed initially to cater for municipality water.”