Readers’ Feedback


l Imagine the possibility of a Zanu PF-free generation – it begins with you. Be part of the new constitution.
l NewsDay is indeed a family paper. My son in Grade 3 can’t wait for the puzzles page. Bulawayo distribution needs improvement; the paper gets onto the streets late.
l Please ask Zesa what crime Norton residents committed for them to be deprived of watching the World Cup. Electricity is restored at night.
lI can foresee the Makone family being the next dictators should MDC-T win the forthcoming elections. The party should act now and clip the powers of this couple before it’s too late.
F Kennedy
lFantastic paper, NewsDay! I attend Salvation Army J Corps in Chitown. Could you please tell Captain Kavhala kuti mfundisi mitemo yenyu inopfuura yaMwari (your laws are stricter than God’s).
Ndati ndipfuure nepo
lA health hazard is looming at Egodini Rank, Bulawayo. Ladies’ toilets are locked at 4pm.
Walterz, Bulawayo
lNewsDay is superb. Please include questions and answers on health matters.
Peter Kurima
lThanks for the paper but your World Cup reports are shallow, to say the least. Please use charts for clearer illustrations. We can’t make out which teams are playing, which is going through to next round, without the hassle of going through all the pages.
lI think the Maguwu issue is getting too much publicity for negative reasons. Those who are for his cause know the legal channels since it’s before the courts.
By over-exposing it in the media Zim is actually losing more in the long term, in respect of the international community.
Bingo, Harare
lMay the Black Star continue to shine. It’s Africa’s time. I’m supporting Ghana, I’m supporting the dream.
Proud African, Baba Thierry
l Thanks, Albert Gumbo. Ghana will continue to shine! The same advice should be given to our cricket team. They need to improve mentally in order to win.
l Why has the Barhuder Centre in Gweru had its water supply disconnected yet we (tenants) are paying high bills averaging $100 to the City of Gweru via Trevor Dola Real Estate? Save, conservative,mature and educative.let this paper carry the prize of a family newspaper,unlike the Vuvuzela tabloid peddling lurid stories and obscene pictures,plagiarised elsewhere,for which they charge 1U$.kudos to her for .the plaintiveness of her topic.
l Anon
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l .
lICPCA is gathered at Marondera Showgrounds and have been denied access to the Bernard Mzeki Shrine.
lI come from Mkhalipe within Manama. Manama High School women’s soccer team is a victim of tribalism at its worst.Like it or not, our government is promoting this prejudice.
The school is located among the Sotho and Venda people. They are sidelined and do not benefit from any national development initiatives.
I say to our people:
Let’s be cautious at election time and vote for a change. Maybe our area will finally be uplifted.
Obvidy Khanda Dube
lWould the relevant authorities please do something about the situation at Masvingo Polytech before the principal totally runs the institution down the drain.
Concerned student
lSuper cartoons in most of your editions. Keep it up. Only thing left is for you to add more cartoons. Thank you for your daily(fresh) update at an affordable price.
S Mugari
lThank you for the Ten In 10 world news pages but could you please give us a Zimbabwean equivalent?
lThank you for a refreshing, long-overdue daily. How come a service station at Marlborough Civic Centre is refusing NewsDay tokens? Anon
We have noted your query and the issue will be followed up.—Editor
lWe call upon Zesa Bindura to be fair in its electricity distribution. The low-density area always have electricity and the explanation given is that they are situated in a zone which should not be shed. The truth is that Zesa “chefs” reside there. I will not pay my bill as long as Zesa does not rectify this anomaly.
Darkness, Bindura
Want to know the qualifications for one to be political analyst.Gabriel Chaibva is now one since he joined “Zanu PF ” ZBC.
Black Ree, Bulawayo