Mujuru in court to defend farm


The High Court is expected today to hear the case in which shrewd Zanu PF kingmaker and former army General Solomon Mujuru was booted off a farm in Nyanga after his business partner surreptitiously secured an offer letter and mobilised war veterans to assist him take over the property.
Mujuru, undoubtedly among Zimbabwe’ wealthiest and feared politicians — whose wife, Joice is the first woman in the country to hold such a high profile portfolio in government— is battling to repossess the property from Edward Buwu.
The High Court yesterday informed the parties involved that the contentious case is set to be heard in Justice Ben Hlathswayo’s chambers today and 10am.
Mujuru, whose nom de guerre during the liberation struggle was Rex Nhongo, and businessman Edward Edward Mashingaidze partnered with Buwu, Antony Swire Thompson and a consortium of other businessmen and invested in Lot 75, Inyanga Downs Farm in 2003.
The black investors poured money into the project owned by Swire-Thompson as part of the farmers’ skills transfer to the indigenous farmers and the new consortium ceded


  1. Manyepo!!!! Dangerous reporting. Bvunzai vanozviva, makaona kupi vana Garwe vachiisa mari? Imi muchapiswa muromo nekunyepa

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