Readers’ Feedback


lMinistry of Finance should take over Chiadzwa.
You know vana vedu vanga vasingazive kuti kuna amabhinhi (our children didn’t know about refuse collectors).Thanks to your coverage refuse is now collected every week.
lWe appeal to Energy minister to probe Noczim management immediately. Very unprofessional.Major
lGive us more coverage of other sport disciplines such as hockey and handball .
Shadreck Cobbie
lThanks for the paper. Please include articles on business so as to help uplift us as we have no one else to turn to.
lSuper cartoon in your Friday edition (25/6). I’m still laughing after seeing it this morning.
lEnjoyed yesterday’s cartoon (25/6). It explained the reshuffle done by Save and missed by Zanu PF political analysts. Keep it up.
lPM’s reshuffle is a non-event.He should constantly lead, manage and supervise his ministers, not tolerate poor performance. Moving people around instead of demoting or firing them is a joke. PM is responsible for the successes and failures of his ministers e.g. sorting out garbage, sewage, water, power problems.
lThank you for the student-friendly price of NewsDay. Your paper has become an instant hit at the University of Zimbabwe. Now we can get access to news at last!
lAnglicans are being persecuted by the police and Kunonga. Today they have mounted a roadblock to deny us access to the Bernard Mzeki Shrine.
Tapiwa, Marondera
lWhatever mischief Zanu PF gets up to in the period of constitution-making won’t go unnoticed, thanks to the timely advent of NewsDay. Gone are the the days when we’d wake up every morning literally in the dark about the real truth.
lTell us more about the goings-on at Chiadzwa before the minerals are depleted.
lMost of your NewsDay selling points had no tokens and were changing R4 from $1 today. Please supply more tokens so that we don’t lose a rand for every copy we buy.
lPlease add 8 more pages: world pictures and news and other sports news (not World Cup soccer). Thanks for doing your best. Pointer, Harare
lCover constitution outreach meetings in volatile rural areas and publish names of those intimidating people.
Peter C, Chiredzi
lCould your Arts reporter please interview Leonard Zhakata. We heard he has a gem of an album coming soon.
lWould you please add “Target” to your paper.
lLoved Thembe Sachikonye’s contribution. Way to go! Keep it up.