ZCC, denominations pledge co-operation for reconciliation


The Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) and heads of denominations have pledged resources and chaplaincy services in the constitution-making process and given their input to the national healing activities currently taking place.
ZCC and the heads of denominations agreed at a recent meeting that three principals in the inclusive government should hold joint rallies in all the 10 provinces and speak out against violence and the issues that continue to divide the people.
Speaking on behalf of ZCC, Reverend Dr Solomon Zwana said that the Christian community urged political parties to refrain from any form of intimidation or coercion of the people during the constitutional outreach programme.
“We call upon the outreach groups to act professionally in soliciting for people’s views and the police should also execute fully their constitutional duties in the maintenance of peace and protection of life and property during the outreach period,” he said.
He said ZCC urged the Organ on National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration to speedily facilitate a legal framework for national healing to enable the church and other players to effectively take part.
A communiqué of a recent dialogue between the principals in the inclusive government, the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and the Organ on National Healing said the ZCC was committed to mobilise church members to participate fully in the constitution-making process.
The ZCC pledged its services and towards the successful implementation of the constitution and national healing, reconciliation and integration processes.
Zwana said ZCC is advocating for an independent body to oversee national healing that would monitor the outreach and other constitution-making processes and pray to God for the success of the processes that the nation is undertaking.