Discipline Charamba – MDC


George Charamba, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Media and Information must face disciplinary action for undermining the authority of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai an official in the PM’s office said yesterday.
The Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office Gorden Moyo called a press conference and announced that Charamba, who is also President Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson, had gone over bounds in his statements to The Herald yesterday belittling Tsvangirai’s trip to South Korea.
Moyo said Charamba’s comments violated “ethics of the civil service and also the spirit of this inclusive government”.
Charamba’s troubles stem from remarks reported in the Herald yesterday claiming a Bilateral Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement (Bippa) between Zimbabwe and South Korea signed during Tsvangirai’s visit to the Asian country was “null and void”.
Last night Charamba remained defiant and dared Tsvangirai to take action against him.
“I am not worried about undermining anyone,” said Charamba.
“I am worried about undermining government processes. My loyalty is not to anyone but to government systems. I hope he (Tsvangirai) has the capacity to take action against me.”
During the prime minister’s visit to Seoul, a bilateral agreement was signed between Zimbabwe and South Korea with Heneri Dzinotyiwei, the Minister of Science and Technology, signing on behalf of Zimbabwe.
But Charamba said it was “absurd” that Tsvangirai had delegated Dzinotyiwei to sign on behalf of Zimbabwe.
He said such powers were only vested in President Mugabe and not the prime minister. Charamba described the signing of the Bippa in South Korea as a “mock” exercise.
“It’s absurd to say the least. Anyway, as far as I know, and I have checked, the president never made any such delegation so in effect no Bippa was signed in Korea,” Charamba said.
“Maybe it was the mock signing ceremony of a Bippa that might be signed in the future by those constitutionally delegated to do so,” said Charamba.
Yesterday the prime minister’s office blasted Charamba saying he had taken his condemnation of Tsvangirai too far.
Moyo promised, during a press conference at Munhumutapa Building, that principals to the Global Political Agreement (GPA) would soon take disciplinary action against Charamba saying they were concerned about “this pattern (of undermining the PM) which has been allowed to go on for a long time”.
Moyo said the matter was being treated with “a lot of urgency”. “The Bippa was prepared by the two countries in accordance with local laws and protocols,” Moyo said.
“The agreement was drafted by the office of Zimbabwe’s Attorney General and reviewed and approved by the Cabinet Committee on Legislation.”
Moyo said Charamba’s claims were not only false but did not represent government’s position and violated the ethics of the civil service and the spirit of the inclusive government.
He said Elton Mangoma — the Minister of Economic Planning and Investment who had a constitutional responsibility of signing such agreements on behalf of the government — failed to travel to South Korea and officially conveyed his power of attorney to Dzinotyiwei.