NewsDay to hit the streets in 10 days


NewsDay newspaper will hit the streets within the next ten days, Alpha Media Holdings (AMH) Chief Executive Raphael Khumalo announced Thursday a day after the Zimbabwe Media Commission (ZMC) agreed to licence the daily.

“We are excited. We are ready,” an elated Khumalo said.

“We think in 10 days’ time we should be able to be on the streets.”

Khumalo said he was excited about developments in Zimbabwe’s media industry.

On Wednesday the ZMC announced it had approved the applications from five media houses to publish newspapers.

Among those approved was an application by AMH to publish NewsDay, which has been waiting in the wings for the past two years.

“Obviously, these are exciting developments,” Khumalo said. “What we have been waiting to do for the past two years we are now able to do immediately.”

He said NewsDay would strive to provide balanced news to Zimbabweans and “tell it as it is”.

“It is our wish that we will be able to report on issues that affect Zimbabweans in the townships and in the rural areas,” Khumalo said.

The ZMC chairperson Godfrey Majonga told a news conference on Wednesday evening that his commission had also approved registration applications of the Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe to re-launch the banned Daily News.

Other approved applications included those from Modus Publications to resuscitate The Daily Gazette, which folded in 1994 owing to viability challenges.

A license has also been granted to a new paper, The Mail published by Fruitlink Ventures.

The company is owned by “youths” who were funded by the government’s National Youth Fund.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions monthly publication The Worker has been granted permission to become a weekly.