No laughing matter, Gringo joins Vapositori


After leading a turbulent life on and off the limelight for almost a decade, talented comedian Lazarus Boora has been christened “Madzibaba Gadrose”.

He adopted his new name after becoming a full member of the Johane Masowe weChishanu sect.

The jester said in an interview this week that he did not expect people to easily accept his new position in society having known him for years as the TV screen moniker Gringo which became his veritable signature for the greater part of his acting career.

Ironically, Gadrose means a sheep that crosses over, and the artiste has been crossing over from being an actor, to an undertaker, master of ceremonies and now member of the Apostolic sect.

“Ndakutonzi Madzibaba Gadrose, zvinoreva kuti ngarava inoyambutsa (I am now known as Prophet Gadrose and Gadrose means the sheep that crosses over).

“I will however not be offended by being called by my acting name Gringo because it is a name that came as a result of the talent that God gave me.

Gringo is currently a salesman at the newly opened Shoppa Stoppa Chinhoyi Street Branch Supermarket where his job involves djeeying, entertaining customers through music while making commercial announcements during intervals.

However the hilarious actor admitted that it is the name Gringo which is bringing food on the table.