Fancy, sleek and expensive human hair lace wigs an instant hit in Harare


A new hairdo has come to Harare where it is selling for the price of a three-plate stove or a laptop!

The new 100% Premium Fibre Lace Wig spotting exotic front extension is going for a whopping $350!

But, never mind the economic crisis that Zimbabwe is still smarting from, or the fact that the average Zimbabwean earns below $100, the fancy hairdo has proved very popular in Harare where women are falling over each other, buying this hair like hot buns.

Designed to look like one’s natural hair, the lace wig started to appear on the heads of popular celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Tyra Banks and Oprah Winfrey long before it found its way to Zimbabwe.

“Its advanced hand knotting technique creates a totally natural hairline and it is hard to believe that it is a wig,” said Kay Bandal, the man behind the introduction of lace wigs to Harare.

Unlike the old model wigs, the lace wig has an advanced knotting technique for a natural hair line without any tape or glue required and it can also be styled as a pony tail.

“I started selling them last year and I’m so happy that they have become so popular,” said Bandal. “Ladies are buying them without asking the price twice,” he said. The wigs come in various sizes and shapes and they have names such as Vanessa, Eva, Ashley, Erika and Jessica.