Chipinge Town Council under investigation


Government has dispatched a team from the Local Government ministry to investigate alleged corruption within the Chipinge Town Council.

The council is controlled by councillors from Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC party.

The investigation comes just weeks after the MDC launched its own investigations into allegations that its councillors in Mutare were involved in corrupt activities that saw many of them getting rich overnight.

The Chipinge Town Council has eight wards; seven are controlled by the MDC while one is controlled by Zanu PF.

Town secretary Cecil Dzambo said the investigating team had finished its work and the council was now waiting for the report.

The team comprised of four officials from the ministry of Local Government.

“We have not seen the report as yet but we expect it to be out soon,” Dzambo said.

He could not divulge further details saying: “They were not specific but what I know is that they were looking at general operations of the council.”

But council sources said the investigation was centred on allegations that the councillors in Chipinge were engaged in corrupt activities.

These councillors were allegedly rolling out residential and commercial stands to each other at the expense of residents and businesses in the farming town.

The sources alleged the councillors had also awarded themselves allowances which were much higher than what senior employees were earning.

They said service delivery was poor as a result of the alleged malpractises.

“The councillors are only interested in lining their pockets,” said one source.

“If you come to Chipinge town you will realise that service delivery is very poor because of corruption.”
“The development of the town has now been retarded because councillors are not committed,” another council source said.

Chipinge town has eight wards represented by seven MDC councillors.

These are Solomon Chadamoyo Machingura, Evans Muganhiri, Elijah Mugidho, Zivanai Nyakuchena, Lovemore Mutimwi, Constance Chihururu, and one Zanu PF councillor Noah Paweni Dhliwayo.

The MDC, which controls the council, has warned against corruption and said anyone caught on the wrong side of the party’s leadership code would be dealt with severely.

Patrick Chitaka, MDC chairman in Manicaland said the MDC did not have any sympathy for corrupt officials.