Chitungwiza chases churches to build houses


Despite its assurances to the ratepayers that it would stop issuing stands on ventilation gaps, the crises-ridden town of Chitungwiza recently evicted three churches in Unit O to pave way for the
construction of residential stands.

The three churches that were evicted are the Seventh Day Adventist that has since pulled down its structure, ZAOGA church which also had its church pulled down and an Apostolic Faith sect, which does not construct church structures but has used the grounds since the late 80s.

“We were told to find another place to worship by the town council. They did not offer us an alternative place, so we no longer have a place of worship,” said Terrence Chanakira a member of the Apostolic church.

Members of the Seventh Day who were displaced by Chitungwiza municipality now have to hire classrooms at Seke 12 Primary School for prayers.

“We used to pay the rates every month to the council and we do have the receipts of our payments of $20.00 a month.

“So we were shocked when we were evicted, now we are using the school which is also used by different people including soccer teams. You can imagine the inconvenience,” said a member of the Seventh Day.

Members of ZAOGA who were displaced from the open area where construction is presently in progress now have to walk for about four kilometers to the spacious ZAOGA church that is in Unit M.

Efforts to speak to Chitungwiza Municipality Town Clerk Godfrey Tanyanyiwa were fruitless as his mobile went on unanswered.

However many residents have expressed anger at the blatant disregard of the council by-laws by the city fathers.

In January the MDC-T which controlled the council axed all its 24 councilors from the party because of corruption which included the selling of stands by councilors at inflated prices.

A stand that should cost $200.00 was being sold for $ 3000.00 and corrupt councilors pocketed the ‘obscene’ profits.