College principal lives in fear of his nephews


Belvedere Teachers’ College principal, Thomas Masendeke, lives in fear of his wayward nephews – the Masendeke brothers – whom he has since disowned because of their unrepentant criminal penchant.

“They have disgraced the family name irreparably. Remember one of them, the late Edmore, wanted to kill me,” said the principal.

“Yes they are my children according to African custom, but I have since disowned them. I cannot continue associating myself with characters of such violent disposition,” said the college principal.

The principal, who is also uncle to convicted murderer Edmore Masendeke, who was hanged about eight years ago, said in an exclusive interview with NewsDay this week that he dreaded the mere mention of his brother’s children.

“I am even afraid they will kill me if they get to know I gave you this interview. The police appear to have failed to tame these Masendeke boys,” said the college principal.

However, one of the brothers, Elvis, who has not been arrested, said: “Our uncle has nothing to fear from us.”

Elvis a self proclaimed born-again Christian and a member of the Johanne Masowe Chishanu Apostolic Faith Church said he and his brothers long gave up their wayward ways and their uncle Thomas ought to believe them.

“We had discussions with him at our rural home in Gutu late last year and we apologised for all our wrong doing. We even paid for our misdeeds.

“He accepted our forgiveness, but the manner in which he distances himself from us clearly indicates he has disowned us.

“His problem is that he does not want to hear our side of the story. He does not want to give us time as a father.

“He has shut us out but the curse of avenging spirits will not spare him and his children. We need to work together to get things right.”

He said he still had Edmore’s memoirs which he wrote while he was on death row.

“Edmore ndiye akangotisimudzirawo mhepo. (Edmore is the one that brought this criminal spirit in the family). Now it is difficult to live a normal life anywhere in Zimbabwe,” lamented Elvis.

Police in Kwekwe have rounded up at least six Masendeke brothers accused of various crimes including robbery and murder.

The brothers, Edward, Energy, Elliot, Elson, Thomas and Taurai were recently arrested in one swoop.

The college principal has not asked for police protection.