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All that Jazz: ‘Dudu’s Guest List’


Amazing songstress Dudu Manhenga has new and exciting show for Zimbabwe’s jazz scene. Aptly titled “Dudu’s Guest List”, the weekly show features different artists who are invited to perform and to share their personal and professional experiences with Dudu and her audience.

Attending “Dudu’s Guest List” is a fantastic way of spending an otherwise quiet Thursday evening.

The show is multi-dimensional and it provides different artists with an opportunity to break barriers and perform across genres, exchange concepts as well as share ideas.

“With this show we seek to create a fresh, unique Zimbabwean sound that has universal appeal. It is also an amazing experience to share the stage, interact with other artists and explore their core genres,” said Dudu.

She was speaking at one of her shows that had Sulumani Chimbetu as the guest.

The show opened with the band Colour Blu playing some smooth, cool jazz instrumentals coloured by Blessing Muparutsa’s excellent and assertive drumming skills.

The show exploded when Dudu came on stage showcasing her extensive vocal talent.

Her sunny stage presence and the rare ability to connect and interact with the audience warmed up the atmosphere. She performed the favourites from her albums and was then joined by Sulumani on stage.

Dudu took Sulu through a wide-ranging one-on-one interview before encouraging members of the audience to participate and ask questions.

The up-close-and-personal interview provided a rare insight into the young Dendera star’s personal life, career and his views on the music industry.

Sulu then took to the stage with his semi-acoustic guitar and gave a sterling performance with the backing of Colour Blu.

The atmosphere was transformed to pure magic from the first note of his hit song Kwedu.

Dudu then joined him, doing backing vocals on Sayina and Samatenga.

This performance brought out dynamic Dudu’s versatility as she proved that she can alternate between jazz and other genres without difficulty.

She added skating to the song Samatenga, challenging Sulu to follow suit and extend his vocal range; resulting in a refreshing never-heard-of version of the late Simon Chimbetu’s great hit.

As the collaboration became tighter, the duo performed some jazz numbers with Sulu improvising and adding his trademark ululation and the dendera flavour to the timeless classic hit Mvura Ngayinaye.

Sulumani gave colour to the performance through his dendera dance that blended well with an electrifying Latin jazz flavour.

“It is a truly unique show; it challenges artists to be more creative, innovative and flexible. It also broadens their horizons and empowers them to improvise and fit into different genres and environments,” said Mandla Ncube, projects manager at The Arts Factory who was also in the audience that evening.

“Dudu’s Guest List” has been running since December last year and has to date hosted some of Zimbabwe’s top artists including Carl Joshua Ncube (comedy), Chirikure Chirikure (poetry), Michael K (comedy), Hope Masike (musician), Andy Brown (musician), Tendai Chakanyuka (radio personality), Sam Mataure, Sulumani Chimbetu, Ryan Koriya and Jeys Marabini (musicians).

Dudu Manhenga is currently working on a new album and has to date released Out of the Blu (2003), Jula (2007) and Towards Alignment (2009 recorded live at Reps).

Dudu fuses afro with different genres, cultures and traditions.

She takes elements from Manyika, Ndebele and Shona cultures and expertly blends these with jazz, Latino and Western styles to create great music.

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