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Dabengwa slams inclusive govt


The president of Zapu Dumiso Dabengwa has hit out at the government of national unity (GNU) accusing it of failing restore law and order in the country.

Dabengwa, who was addressing supporters at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, in London on Wednesday, where he is on tour of the party’s Europe province, said lawlessness had resulted in investors continuing to shun the country.

“The parties in government have failed to restore law and order,” said Dabengwa.

“They have failed to prevent or alleviate poverty for the ordinary people and civil servants continue to get peanuts for pay.

“It (GNU) has failed to create a stable and conducive environment for donors and investors to re-engage with Zimbabwe.”

The veteran politician and freedom fighter said it was surprising that a system that was failing to deliver basic education, health and welfare, was so efficient at corruption, persecuting, oppressing and abusing the rights of innocent citizens.

“Today, millions of Zimbabweans are scattered in the Diaspora after fleeing from persecution and harsh economic conditions. Today, millions of Zimbabweans remain trapped in a system that can no longer deliver basic services,” he said.

Dabengwa said the political scene remained haunted by memories of gross human rights abuses against defenceless citizens.

The former Cabinet minister said the failures of the GNU made it pointless for those in the Diaspora to return home.

“They have failed to achieve justice for victims of politically-motivated violence. They have failed to create a safe environment, conducive for Zimbabweans who are in exile to return to their beloved motherland,” he said.

Dabengwa appealed to Britain, the former colonial master, to assist in re-skilling and training Zimbabweans living there and empower them to contribute fully to the recovery of Zimbabwe.

“We believe it is important that Zimbabweans in the Diaspora are given an opportunity to arm themselves with skills and resources in order to effectively contribute to the recovery of Zimbabwe whenever they return,” he said.

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