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‘I don’t mind arrest after enjoying myself’ – rapist


A 45-year-old Chisipite gardener is alleged to have raped his 14-year-old wife’s sister and bragged about it saying he would not bother getting arrested because he had enjoyed himself.

Paul Chimvura was arrested on Monday this week after allegedly raping the girl on New Year’s Eve.

Chimvura is alleged to have threatened to cut off the girl’s head with a bread knife and make a lot of money out of it if she declined to comply with his demands.

According to the state outline, the girl visited her sister, Chimvura’s wife, from Murehwa last month but upon getting to Chisipite she was advised by the neighbours that her sister together with Chimvura had gone to their rural home.

The girl is said to have made efforts to beg for bus fare to travel back to Murehwa and one of her sister’s neighbours offered her accommodation and asked her to wait for her sister’s return.

It is alleged that Chimvura returned from his rural home alone and his neighbour took the girl to him after he allegedly lied that his wife was also coming back on the same day. During the night on the day in question Chimvura is alleged to have fondled the girl’s breasts and private parts while threatening to kill her if she screamed.

Chimvura is said to have challenged the girl that she would not be in a position to look after his wife and children if she attracted the attention of the neighbours who would cause his arrest.

The girl is said to have complied after Chimvura raised the bread knife and menacingly examined it.

Chimvura allegedly raped the girl and after the abuse he bragged that he had enjoyed himself even if the matter was to be reported to the police.

Despite the alleged threats, the girl is said to have reported the rape to the neighbour who came the following morning to check if Chimvura’s wife had returned.

The matter was reported to the police leading to Chimvura’s arrest.

Chimvura appeared before regional magistrate Simon Rogers Kachambwa who remanded him in custody and advised him to apply for bail at the High Court after prosecutor Valerie Ngoma opposed bail.

Chimvura’s trial date was set for April 21.

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