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Khaya Moyo attacked


Statements by Zanu PF chairman Simon Khaya Moyo that Zanu PF will not hand over power even if it loses in next year’s elections are “reckless and uncalled for in a democracy”, the National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (Nango) has said.

Nango national secretary-general Godwin Phiri said:

“Elections cannot be treated as a process of fulfilling narrow political agendas. They are a serious exercise of the will of the people in any country. Moyo’s statements are therefore reckless and uncalled for.”
He said Khaya Moyo’s utterances were tantamount to plotting a coup.

“Those who think that they can subvert the will of the people with their own party political agendas must know that time is up,” Phiri said in an interview with NewsDay.

Phiri said what has happened in Ivory Coast, where Laurent Gbagbo “stole” the election and was facing international condemnation, must serve as a clear example that Africa would no longer tolerate people like Khaya Moyo intent on trampling on the rights and will of the majority.

“Africa will no longer accept illegitimacy,” said Phiri. “We have always insisted that elections are a democratic necessity in Zimbabwe. The plebiscite must be a true reflection of the will of the people”.

He said Sadc, the African Union as well as the international community should closely follow events in Zimbabwe during the period leading to elections.

“These bodies must ensure that the will of the people of Zimbabwe is respected,” he said.

Phiri also berated President Robert Mugabe on his speech on violence during elections saying it was not a new phenomenon in the country contrary to what the President had said.“President Mugabe cannot suddenly claim that violence during elections is spontaneous and not planned.

The perpetrator is always the same. People have an experience that violence is systematic, planned and well executed and they have been exposed to that reality,” he said.

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