Don’t lose momentum


One of the greatest challenges most people face when it comes to accomplishing goals in life is to be able to stay focused long enough to see the result.

The majority tend to give up easily.

What is not realised however is that when we give up, we are possibly a few inches away from gold.

What appears as negative results is merely a learning point that equips us for the days of success.

Whatever happens to us as a result of our actions is feedback that ought to benefit us in future assignments.

There is always a high level of exhilaration that comes our way when we first set goals and this emotion can carry on for days, weeks and even months.

Along the way, however, something negative happens as one starts to think that there is no progress that is coming.

There is also a tendency of comparing oneself with others who might be making strides in a successful direction.

When this happens, we start feeling low and the momentum is lost.

At times, one gets depressed and it appears as though there is no hope in life.

Our minds start to wander away to far-off places.

You start to think that there is something wrong with your make-up.

We of the African origin may even start thinking that there is someone who is using juju on you.

Juju or otherwise, the fact remains that the momentum shouldn’t die.

The case at hand is far bigger than anything that comes your way.

Never procrastinate about what you are supposed to do because it appears as though things are not moving according to plan.

The fire that fuelled the dream in earlier times should continue burning like never before.

Never stop working hard because what you have thought of is delaying in coming.

Always remember that delay is not denial.

There are many people who have been delayed in the pursuit of their goals but ultimately, they got to the final mark.

The inventor of the light bulb (Thomas Edison) failed many times as he tried to come up with his invention.

He never gave up because of the delay.

He was actually encouraged as he felt that he was the only man who knew so many ways of how not to make a light bulb.

According to Edison, he was closer to the truth than anyone else.

Such is the positive mentality that we ought to live by if the best in us is to come forth.

The fact that there was a dream in the first place is proof enough that it is worthwhile and it should be pursued with all aggression.

If you give up, what is going to happen to the resources and time you have invested into this work?

If I were you, I would never drop to the lowest rung of inferiority by giving up.

Instead, I will do everything within my capacity to ensure that the fire continues to burn.

Never anticipate that the world around you will encourage you to keep on.

If anything, the world has a tendency of discouraging anyone who would have taken longer before their dream started to materialise.

The level of discouragement that would come your way will actually be shocking, to say the least. Consider what the inventor of the radio went through as he pursued his vision to transmit voice through the airwaves.
G. Marconi was ridiculed and his friends actually sent him to a psychiatric unit because they thought that their friend was going mad.

By sending him to a psychiatric unit, Marconi’s friends actually thought that they were doing him a favour.

Under such circumstances, one is bound to lose momentum.

Marconi, however, never lost focus of what he wanted to achieve.

He invented the radio nevertheless.

He somehow realised that he was called upon to invent the radio.

Such is the mindset that is called for in our generation.

We require men and women who stop at nothing but success.

Our nation requires such a mindset from its leaders.

The church needs men who are geared to stand their ground as they advance the gospel.

Our economic enterprises likewise require captains who push hard until real value addition is obtained.

Even though it may take time before visible progress takes place, never lose momentum.

Remain focused on the bigger whole.

The founder of Honda Motor Corporation (Soichiro Honda) had the pistons that he invented rejected by several car manufacturers but that never discouraged from doing what he felt he had been called to accomplish.

He never lost the momentum to greatness.
There are times when you have to get into the abnormal frenzy for the sake of the seed that you carry.

I have actually come to the realisation that those people who stand to make great contributions in life have a way of doing things that is beyond the normal way of viewing the world.

I would rather be called the madman of our era, doing something that adds value to humanity than sitting back and pleasing people who are going nowhere.

Stop at nothing but success because that’s your lot in life.

You are too superior to give up before you reach the destination. Such a destination of greatness is yours.

Let’s make a date to meet at the top, having defied all odds along the way and maintained the momentum of men and women eager to make a difference.

I am one of those set to make an impact and I hope you will join me in this course.

Noah is a motivational speaker & Leadership expert. Contact; 0775 952 634/

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