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Gloria  Ndoro-mkombachoto

Gloria Ndoro-mkombachoto

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Is Zim ready for the next pandemic?

No one alive in this generation, never imagined themselves living through a pandemic.
By Gloria ndoro-mkombachoto Feb. 2, 2024

Synoptic exploration of the growth of AI innovations

The field of AI, although born from the brilliance of modern computation, finds its roots in timeless philosophical contemplations.
By Gloria ndoro-mkombachoto Feb. 9, 2024

Why standards of living measurements are important

SOL is a key measurement for any country because it assesses the general well-being of a society.
By Gloria ndoro-mkombachoto Feb. 23, 2024

Why living standards measures are important

The use of LSM data raises ethical considerations regarding privacy, consent, and the responsible use of consumer information.
By Gloria ndoro-mkombachoto Mar. 1, 2024