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We don’t discuss presidential contingent — Tsvangirai


Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai Monday said the three principals in the Global Political Agreement do not sit down to discuss how many people should be included in the Presidential entourage whenever President Robert Mugabe goes out on a foreign trip.

Addressing delegates during a question and answer session at a seminar on Public Accountability in the capital yesterday, Tsvangirai said the normal Presidential contingent was between 50 and 60 people.

“The question of the Presidential delegation is not discussed,” said Tsvangirai. “The President normally takes between 50 and 60 people on a foreign trip and so if you subtract that from 80, you will easily calculate how many extra people he took to New York and what is the normal Presidential contingent.”

Last week, President Mugabe reportedly took a delegation of 80 people to attend a summit on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on a trip that gobbled thousands of dollars.

Government sources last week revealed that the delegates were each being paid at least $250 as a daily stipend.

Tsvangirai said it was an invidious position to discuss the issue of the Presidential delegation because it was regular that President Mugabe would travel with large delegations.

“I think it is an invidious position to discuss the Presidential delegation, or whether it was large or small because it is a regular one,” Tsvangirai said.

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