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MDC-T reacts to Chiyangwa


MDC-T has reacted harshly to outbursts by businessman Phillip Chiyangwa that the party was corrupt, poor and unready to govern.

Chiyangwa last week attacked the MDC-T: “I wonder if the MDC-T can govern. An incompetent assembly with absolutely no idea of law, facts of the deal gathered and decided to deal with Chiyangwa of Zanu PF,” he said.

However, Nelson Chamisa Thursday hit back at Chiyangwa saying his attack was unfortunate as it was from a person supposed to be investigated for corruption. “How can a pot call a kettle black?”

Chamisa asked. “We have never sought to individualise issues. It is unfortunate that certain actors are caught on the wrong side of a corrupt-free society. If our pursuit and quest for justice and accountability is shallowness and immaturity to govern, then shallowness is sweet,” he said.

“If standing for our values of and principles is Zanu PF and Chiyangwa’s definition of shallowness, we have to remain thus, as long as we stand for the right of the people and defend them from corrupt officials in society.”

Chamisa said it was normal for public officials to be probed on the acquisition of wealth.

“As a minister, if people question how I got rich, it is their right and I cannot run away from public scrutiny but now, his tired chorus of attacking the party and its emissaries (councillors) raises eyebrows,” said Chamisa.

Chamisa said primitive accumulation of wealth was what the party was against and no matter one’s standing in society, the party demanded accountability.

Chiyangwa has been marred in a land scam in which he is alleged, together with Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo, to have fraudulently acquired large tracts of land.

The controversial businessman maintains his deals with council were legal and that council owed him more land instead.

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