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Munya breaks BBA nominations record


Munya broke the Big Brother record of surviving evictions in three consecutive weeks after he escaped eviction again on Sunday night.
Munya seems to have stolen the hearts of many as his romance with Africa continues to blossom with the passing of each week.
He has beaten the record set by Rico of Angola who was nominated and survived eviction thrice on his way to winning the grand prize in Big Brother 3.
If Munya is nominated again, he automatically becomes the only housemate ever to be nominated four times in one season of the show.
The 24-year-old, who was up against Yacob from Ethiopia and Meryl from Namibia, remains in the comfort of the Big Brother house whilst the Yacob joins those banished to the barn – Hannington, Lerato and Tatiana and, of course, the live cattle and hens in the barn!
Munya’s fans from all over the continent were ecstatic with some giving him a new name “Munya the Indispensable” following his survival thrice in a row.
Others, however, feel Munya is being used by Africans to keep other housemates safe by saving him against “bigger” threats like Lerato, Tatiana and Yacob only for him to be eventually evicted against weaker housemates like Code, Jen or Kaone.
Yacob is the fifth housemate to be evicted from the house into the barn leaving the main house with nine housemates.
Yacob walked into the barn and couldn’t believe his eyes. Tatiana was the first barnmate to welcome him and he kept repeating: “This is unreal!”
He was particularly chuffed by the fact that he was still in the game and could play a role in what happens in the house, by virtue of being able to nominate.
The dejected Yacob told Lerato he was disappointed that Code had nominated him and vowed to go after him. He also added he would nominate Munya in a revenge move.

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