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Envoy recalls darkest moments


Outgoing Swedish Ambassador to Zimbabwe Sten Rylander says fresh elections any time soon may not be the best way forward because Zanu PF and the two MDC parties are still haggling over the hurriedly cobbled power-sharing deal while slow progress in effecting key democratic reforms to warrant such action has been registered.
Rylander, who has been in Zimbabwe for at least five years and became bosom buddies with Zanu PF stalwarts Nathan Shamuyarira, Sydney Sekeramayi and Kumbirai Kangai, says his darkest moments are the brutal violence and massive human rights abuses that took place in 2007 and 2008 especially when Morgan Tsvangirai was battered by the police and the abduction and prosecution of Zimbabwe Peace Project director Jestina Mukoko.

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Rylander’s interview in detail with Deputy Editor Brian Mangwende in tomorrow’s NewsDay.

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