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Zanu PF, MDC ready for elections


Zanu PF has declared it is ready for an election that will produce an “outright” winner and put an end to the inclusive government that President Robert Mugabe has likened to water and fire.
But its main rival, MDC-T, wants more than that. The party, which has made two failed bids for power since its formation in 1999, is demanding a free and a fair election that produces a “genuine” winner. In a statement posted on its website this week, headlined: “Elections inevitable,” Zanu PF said serious political differences in the inclusive government, widely seen as fragile, could only be resolved by a fresh election. “Given this situation, there is no reason why the people of Zimbabwe should not go for elections when the inclusive government expires next year,” Zanu PF said.
“There are indications that elections will produce an outright winner and there will be no need for an inclusive government. Zanu PF has clearly stated that it is ready for the elections. The only question now is, are both formations of the MDC ready?”
MDC-T is reportedly embroiled in factional squabbles allegedly over who should represent the party in the next elections, a factor political observers cite as the main reason behind Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s decision to dismiss and re-assign party stalwarts. The surprise move, which Tsvangirai justified as a party reinforcement exercise, relegated ministers Elias Mudzuri (Energy), Fidelis Mhashu Housing), Evelyin Masaiti (deputy minister for Women’s affairs) and Thamsanqa Mahlangu (deputy minister for Youth) back to the party headquarters, Harvest House.
The MDC-T leader is also reportedly on the verge of making more sweeping changes at Harvest House and his Munhumutapa offices. Reacting to Zanu PF remarks, MDC –T spokesperson Nelson Chamisa said his party was ready too, but would not accept anything less than a “free and fair poll” that produces a genuine winner. “Even when you wake us at midnight we will be ready for a free and fair election. What we do not want is a charade that will take us back to square one,” Chamisa said. “The issue is not about when and how elections will be held. It should be whether Zimbabweans are ready for a free and fair election that produces a genuine winner.”
He added the subject should be shelved until the country crafts and adopts a people-driven constitution that guarantees a fair race. In its statement, Zanu PF said there were “some sections of society, particularly MDC-T MPs and British-trained political analysts that were claiming that Zimbabwe is not ready for elections”.
“They cite imaginary incidences of political violence as their reason. The good thing is that the three principals to the GPA have already advised their members and supporters to get ready for next year’s elections,” Zanu PF said.
Zanu PF said differences sill existed with the MDC over the appointments of central bank governor Gideon Gono, Attorney-General Johannes Tomana and Judge President Justice George Chiweshe. The party said it also differed with Harvest House on the controversial indigenisation regulations and economic sanctions.
“There is no reason to talk about the widening cracks in the coalition government,” Zanu PF said.
“It is a marriage of convenience and the differences will always be there. As President Mugabe recently pointed out, Zanu PF and the MDC-T will never mix; they are like water and fire.”

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