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l On July 10, 2010 in response to “Mliswa in $32m fraud”: It shouldn’t be a one -man case.
If Mliswa is convicted that should be a precedent to all such cases, regardless of who the perpetrators are.
Mliswa should have known better.
The only thing left to do is to follow the likes of Mutumwa Mawere.
There are no permant friends in politics — only permant interests. Poor Themba!
Kline Stephen
l On July 9 2010 in response to “Tsvangirai meets student leaders”:
These Zinasu leaders’ concern for their constituencies is extremely questionabble. Take their stance on cadetship, for example: it’s one thing not to want to be a part of it but to expect government to simply fork out millions so that people leave the country as soon as they graduate is ludicrous!
If you do not want to be part of the programme then pay the fees in full.
These individuals are busy defacing public property in the name of representing students!
How many students benefitted from their vandalism?
What does that say about the calibre of students in tertiary education, if this is acceptable conduct on the part of the student leadership?
Just because it will look good on their CVs to have been “activists” when they apply to study abroad they think it is a licence to trash the reputation of all students.
They need to learn to act like adults and not petulant primary schoolers!
Tichaona Chitsinde

l On July 10, 2010 in response to “Scandal rocks insurance industry”:
This goes to show the economic and structural distortion awash in our economy.
One wonders where the legislators are at a time like this.
Of note and concern is the issue of major shops which are selling goods on behalf of third parties and then collecting some commission from there.
It also highlights the problem of liquidity, which the inclusive government seems to be ignoring.
Issues such as interest rates need to be addressed to match it with levels of risk to attract more capital.
Kline Stephen
l On July 13, 2010 in response to “The Nigerian connection in Harare”: Yes I do agree with what the article says.
These people keep us entertained in our homes, but I have one problem with Nigerians who have sudenly flocked into Harare and started their small businesses. Their types of business do not warrant the lifestyle they have in Zimbabwe.
There is something is going on behind the sceens which the Zimbabwean government should investigate.
Do all these people pay taxes? Obviously not!
These foreigners are treating Zimbabweans working for them badly.
For example, one Nigerian nailed both hands of one of his workers, crucifixion- style. We don’t want Zimbabweans to take the law into their own hands.
These foreigners are ill-treating Zimbabwean workers in their shops, especially at the Gulf complex.
Douglas Chakacha


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