Dino on love, life and music


Dino Mudondo (DM) was last year embroiled in controversy arising from allegations of domestic violence, the Rasta-Kwasa musician says he has found a new love. NewsDay’s reporter Carter Chapwanya (CC) caught up with him and below are the excerpts:
(CC): Who really is Dino Mudondo?
(DM): I was born on August 7 in 1978 in Highfield. I am the first in a family of four. I did my primary school at Rusvingo Primary School before going to Ellis Robins High for my secondary education. Well, musically I would say I was born in 2002 with my album entitled Makorokoto and I have released 11 Albums since then.
CC: Last year was a bad year for you; would you kindly share your 2009 ordeal with Zimbabwe.
DM: I wouldn’t say it was a bad year really; it’s just that personally my love life crushed down dreadfully with Cecilia Dapeta but in terms of my music all was well, my fans understood me and were very sympathetic. They made it all too easy to get over. You know in a man’s life there will always be hiccups, it’s inevitable but what defines us is how we respond to these difficulties.
CC: Zimbabwean music, what do you think of it at the moment?
DM: Zimbabwean music at the moment I would say has been brought a bit down by the economy and the whole piracy thing but outside that I think, well, speaking for myself, I think my music is maturing with each album and I believe Zimbabwe will love it. But at this juncture Zimbabwean musicians have to suffer for future rewards maybe until the issue of piracy is addressed.
CC: What would you say are the do’s and don’ts in the local music industry?
DM: I would say artistes should do the things that build them but well different things work for different people so I wouldn’t want to tell people what to do but for myself I think I should do the things that can build me and make me an icon. As for the don’ts I would put drugs and exposing myself to the disease.
CC: Have you found a new lover and any plans of getting married soon?
DM: Argh! On that note, the love note! Well you see I have two kids with my first wife but we broke up because they wanted to travel to the UK. The second time I fell in love with Cecilia but I ended up in court. Now I have a new fiancée her name is Fungai Dimbi, we are very much in love and we are planning on having the traditional marriage ceremony this December because currently she is in Australia but we have done all the introductions already. She is my childhood sweetheart.
CC: What would you like to tell your fans out there?
DM: Music is not selling because of the issue of piracy and for me to go to a professional studio I would need about $5 000 to do an album but I want to promise my fans out there that I am doing all I can to complete my 12th album by August and in the meantime I hope to see you all at my shows… I love you all!