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Hitting a Jackpot: Is it Possible with Online Slots?

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One of the most iconic phrases that we often identify with casinos is “Jackpot!” Most will know that the term comes from slot games, and it refers to the grand prize that a player can win when playing the game. However, over the years, many have asked whether it is even possible to win a jackpot. In this article, we’d like to look at the various online slot games that feature jackpots, and talk about the possibilities of winning one.


Whether they feature a jackpot or not, all online slots run on a Random Number Generator. For those who don’t know, this is a software that ensures a random outcome with each subsequent spin. Now, as most online slots that casinos host online don’t have a jackpot, the RNG is usually looked at as a tool to determine RTP and volatility. However, it does tell us something about the jackpot.

If the RNG is 100% randomized, then the chances to hit a jackpot are extremely low. The reason is that a jackpot is only one, specific outcome, out of the dozens, or even hundreds of options. Not only that, but in order to hit a jackpot, certain other conditions must be met, increasing the difficulty. Still, to say is impossible would be wrong, as there have been players in the past who’ve done just that.

Different Jackpot Types

Since we are on the topic of jackpot, we might as well close off this article by talking about the different types of jackpots that you are likely to come across when gambling online. We know what jackpots are, but many don’t know that they can come in two different forms. So, let us take a look at what the difference between the two is, and which one is the preferred choice for most gamblers.

  • Fixed Jackpot: a fixed jackpot is exactly what it sounds like; a certain sum of cash that the slot has on offer for those who hit the jackpot. No matter how many players win or lose the game, the fixed jackpot remains unchanged.
  • Progressive Jackpot: that is in direct contrast to the progressive jackpot. The way this one works is simple; the progressive jackpot starts at a certain sum. This sum increases each time that a player plays the game, and loses. Usually, there is a cap to how high a progressive jackpot slot will go, so do keep that in mind.

Can Strategy Help?

Absolutely not. The debates about strategy in slots have raged on since the 1800s, when slot games were first invented. However, we can’t stress enough that slot games, especially online slots, are entirely luck-based games. No amount of strategy will help you change the outcome or get a winning combo.

In other words, no amount of strategy can help you increase your chances of getting a jackpot. And in truth, most gamblers would recommend you not strive for the jackpot in the first place. The jackpot is an excellent reward for those who manage it. However, it should only ever come as a happy circumstance. Those who chase jackpots often end up with an empty bankroll.

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