Cornered Hwange boss negotiates exit package

HWANGE Colliery Company Limited (HCCL)’s suspended managing director Thomas Makore has reportedly opened negotiations for an exit package after the board shelved plans for him to face disciplinary action.


Makore was suspended two weeks ago on allegations of insubordination after he allegedly suspended the company secretary Allen Masiya for allegedly conniving with a ZBC journalist Bruce Chahwanda to extort money from him.

His lawyer, Selby Hwacha yesterday said Makore was now negotiating an exit package.

“To say he has resigned would suggest that he was guilty, but that is not the case. What is happening is that the two parties are in talks for a settlement due to the state of the relationship between the board and its managing director. The talks could result in either way and all parties are committed,” he said.

Sources had initially claimed that the board had agreed to allow Makore to resign and avoid being dragged to a disciplinary hearing.

“He has certainly not resigned, but a settlement could be reached considering the relationship by the two parties”.

Highly-placed sources within the board, told NewsDay that Makore, found himself in trouble aas he defied a board directive not to suspend Masiya as the two former close friends fell out of favour over the alleged bribe scandal.

The sources said the board told Makore not to suspend Masiya as they felt that the dispute was rather “too personal” and had nothing to do with the coal mining company.

“These two people were close friends and the board told him not to take a disciplinary action against his subordinate on a matter that was purely private, but he opted to ignore that. These two used to work together so close and whatever they did, they did it together.

“All the corruption-related issues, they were both involved hence the board was of the view that if action was to be taken, both must be held accountable, not one person,” said a source close to the issue.

Last Friday, Makore was summoned by police for questioning on allegations of stealing a company issued laptop — a case which was reported by Masiya.

The matter did not go to court after Makore indicated that he had seized the laptop for “safekeeping”.

Makore joined the company in 2014 and has since then been accused of running down the company.



  1. Mwemba Villager

    Both Makore and Masiya have to face the music. The amount they have been paying journalists could have been better used to pay terminal benefits to some workers who had opted for voluntary retrenchment. Next is Rugare Dhobbie and Ray Munangwa. They are very corrupt to the core

  2. Mwemba Villager

    Fire both

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  4. I know what thieves do, they will give him a package to cover up for their involvement in looting. You know what successful nations do with corrupt people, they investigate and hand them over to the judiciary. You know what we do in Africa, we replace them with other thieves so we continue looting and the poor workers celebrate blindly.

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