Zanu PF looted $70m diamonds for 2013 election: Moyo

FORMER Higher Education minister and ex-Zanu PF spin-doctor, Jonathan Moyo claims the ruling party looted over $70 million diamond revenue from Chiadzwa and commandeered other State resources to oil its campaign machinery ahead of the 2013 elections.


The self-exiled Moyo also claimed, on Twitter, that most of the money was used to source party regalia from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and China.
Moyo’s disclosures came as Parliament is probing top government officials over the missing diamond revenue, following revelations by former President Robert Mugabe that the country could not account for $15 billion realised from the sale of the gems.

Moyo said Zanu PF was likely to repeat its plunder of State resources in this year’s election, adding President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s business trip to China last week was also part of the ruling party’s mission to shop for campaign material.

“In 2013, Zanu PF used diamond revenues and State funds to buy and ship campaign regalia from DRC and China worth over $70 million,” Moyo wrote on Monday.

“ED’s (Mnangagwa’s) $2,3m China trip was to cover up use of State funds to buy and ship from China 15 million T-shirts, 15 million caps and two million cloth wrappers for Junta PF’s campaign! Zacc [Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission]!”

Moyo’s assertions came after Zanu PF national commissar Engelbert Rugeje told party supporters in Gwanda last week that the party had bought 15 million T-shirts, 15 million caps and two million cloth wrappers and that some of the material was already in the country.

But Zanu PF spokesperson and acting Information minister Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday dismissed the former Tsholotsho North legislator’s statements.

“I don’t know about that. He knows better,” he said.

The opposition has always accused Zanu PF of abusing State resources to fund its activities, a charge the ruling party dismissed as unfounded, although Zacc is currently investigating cases of abuse of State resources by the ruling party.

MDC-T Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube yesterday said Moyo’s disclosures had confirmed the opposition’s fears.

“This has been going on, even the diversion of Zimdef [Zimbabwe Manpower Development Funds] funds to fund Zanu PF, it is an example of the modus operandi,” he said.
“We are also aware of the opaqueness of the diamond mining sector and the bringing in of mining companies from countries such as China to partner the army, intelligence and police was always a way of making sure mining activities remained secretive.”


  1. matebele warrior

    We have always said zanu is for fraudsters

    1. Why is he telling us this today ? Was he not part of them ?

      1. “ED’s (Mnangagwa’s) $2,3m China trip was to cover up use of State funds to buy and ship from China 15 million T-shirts, 15 million caps and two million cloth wrappers for Junta PF’s campaign! Zacc [Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission]!”

      2. That’s true, this just shows the calibre of zanu pf members, willing to rat out one another, no integrity or loyalty. Anyway he is not telling us something we already knew, zanu pf have raided state resources for years to stay in power and enrich themselves. 38yrs of plunder and destruction. They will not give up power easily. Elections were rigged in advance. The military Junta have no plan of ceding power to anyone not in their private club of crooks and criminals. Their new colonial masters in China will guarantee their success to stay in power.

    2. Was he not part of the thieves? Jonathan Moyo puzzles even idiots and imbeciles. Here is a thief that appears to play innocent. You may have a point but remember you were part of that team. I guess you accept collective responsibility. Wakadziya moto wembavha so you are one of them!!!!! Period

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  3. I hope this Committee will also look at the diamonds looted from the DRC

  4. Moyo is mental disturbed please don’t listen to him, mutorei ayende kumapenzi

    1. Even the reporters and editors who cover this nonsense are equally mentally unstable.

  5. Sakala before you sell your herbs we need to first see your organ

  6. The smoke must be investigated to see if there is fire as reported.

  7. so why say now though. ZANU PF is not a human being. Just say “WE” stole money in 2013, because in 2013 you were ZANU pf .Only that now you are nolonger ZANU pf because you were booted out. But you wish you were.

  8. Jonathan Moyo is crazy and wicked

  9. ranamanyanga hariputirwe

  10. I wouldnt attack the person that is Jonathan but would take his revealation very seriously and implore the-powers-thatbe especially the Paarly committee led by Mliswa to probe further.

  11. Considering what we are seeing the opposition MDC doing now , they will form the most corrupt government ever. The lot at MDC are used to receive money from dubious NGOs and foreign Governments ,money which can not be accounted for. Stop telling us about the corruption of zanupf , the private sector in zimbabwe is very corrupt at least zanupf is self correcting and jonatan moyo is an all weather fulltime idiot.

  12. What about and Bob

  13. This Moyo guy seems to be trying to save himself as he was part of the system

  14. Aiwaka , no , haiboooo !!!!!!! UMoyo imbulu bt namhla ayakhulimi iciniso.

  15. I have no problem with moyo saying anything at least he should come back and say it in person because he was part of the system that looted like he says.

    I don’t think we will be seeing him here anytime soon…

  16. Moyo oh poor nutty professor. That may be true but coming from you it stinks all the way to hell. You thought the gravy train would last forever. Now that you have been kicked out you open your trap too wide. I hope they do to you what stalin did to trotsky. I do not care whether it is right or wrong. You lack credibility nutty professor. If you had a conscience you should have long done the right thing. Nonsense. We want untainted cadres to speak. Get off our backs hypocrite

    1. Iwe murume wemhanza iwe waivepi mari ichibiwa. Chisingapere chinoshura ndiwe waiva muzvina mazano ehumbavha ZANU PF ndiyani?

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