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Don’t give politicians keys, simply change the locks


During his reign Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak had the awesome dominating presence of the Sphinx. He was Zeus, the Greek mythological god of the sky, ruler of Olympian gods and spiritual father of gods and mortality. Mubarak was the ultimate . . .!

Now, wheeled-in on a stretcher into a cage like a wild animal to face justice, great was his fall. From State House to a cage in the courtroom . . .! How the mighty have fallen! Yes, it’s funny, how pride goes before a fall.

There is an old saying that goes: Be good to people on your way up, for you will meet the same people on your way down.

Mubarak must face the music, even on his deathbed. And, if he is found guilty, he must submit to punishment.

It’s the logical and natural progression of developments that all his kindred spirits like Muammar Gaddafi, Ben Ali, Bashar al-Assad and a number in black Africa will have to live with, by their own choice.

The same fate must be visited upon his sons, kindred spirits and his fellow travellers. Then, and only then, will a clear message begin to sink in future rulers that, no one is above the law and, the wheels of justice may grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine, and the day of reckoning will always come.

For 30 years, this former soldier ruled like a Pharaoh. He denied his people the right to freely elect leaders of their choice and arbitrarily arrested, detained, maimed and killed perceived enemies and demonstrators alike. He was corrupt and stole from the people, stashing huge sums of money in foreign accounts. Egypt was his oyster.

The Nazi generals of the Second World War were tried for the Holocaust crimes of genocide and human rights abuses after the fall of Hitler and those still on the run are being relentlessly pursued to this very day, notwithstanding their obviously very, very advanced ages.

No one should be allowed to hide behind age, in-so-far-as accountability for one’s infractions is concerned.

Mubarak granted all sorts of corrupt patronage opportunities to his sons, family, relatives and friends to enrich themselves at the expense of Egyptians.

His age or state of health shouldn’t be a factor at all, as this man himself took no regard of such as he scythed his victims down. Mubarak cannot play the old and frail psychology card now. He should continue to dye his hair and walk straight with the sprightly swagger that he habitually feigned to justify continued rule.

If Mubarak thought he was young and competent enough to continue to rule, then he is young and competent enough to answer to the people. This man was even planning to instal his son, Gamal, on the throne after him, for good measure.

Mubarak did not bother or worry about the ages or health of his victims as he swung the winnowing shovel, maiming extra-judicially. Hundreds, including women and children, were killed under Mubarak. Many were old, frail and unhealthy, but all were fair game and cannon fodder to Mubarak.
Many were forced to leave their country and to live in exile.

This man made his bed, the least he should be accorded is a right to lie on it.

All too often men of evil intent have wormed their way into the highest office in Africa, feigning humility and honour when, stripped right down, they are the devil incognito — wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Africa’s race to development and democracy has been held back by these leaders who use all manner of stealth to secure power for its own sake, only to persecute their own people, thereafter.
Instead of giving politicians keys to the city, it may be better to start changing the locks, in Africa, as Doug Larson says.

Many presidents have squandered the inheritance of generations upon generations holding on to power, at all costs against the people’s will, using bogus nationalist rhetoric, hare-brained propaganda and threadbare imperialist bogeyman-scare tactics.

It may have worked in the past, but it sure does not now, as Africa’s people wake up!

Africa must punish all leaders who betray the people, and sequestrate all their ill-gotten gains.

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