Zanu PF to open polls account

President Robert Mugabe on Sunday reaffirmed Zanu PF was preparing for early polls, revealing the late party treasurer David Karimanzira died when he was scheduled to open a special bank account for use in the forthcoming elections.

Karimanzira, who died last Thursday, was declared a national hero and buried at the Heroes Acre on Sunday.

At the time of his death, Karimanzira was a Zanu PF politburo member and provincial governor and resident minister for Harare Metropolitan province.

President Mugabe said he met Karimanzira and Zanu PF’s secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa last Wednesday to discuss the party’s finances after their politburo meeting.

He said they did not finish their discussions, and were supposed to continue on Thursday this time with CBZ Bank group chief executive officer Nyasha Makuvise.

“We wanted to open a new account; an account to prepare for elections, so that when they are held, we are ready,” he said.

President Mugabe seized the opportunity to reiterate there was no going back on the indigenisation and empowerment programme saying the former colonisers had looted the country’s resources for too long.

“The colonisers had not only taken the country, they had formed companies to loot our resources; our gold and the diamonds we have just discovered. All along they were saying there are no diamonds, but they were looting,” he said.

President Mugabe said Zimbabwe had enough professionals who could run the country’s mines and major industries and was therefore not afraid to indigenise the economy.

“There is nothing that we can’t do, where we lack, we will send our children to universities to train,” he said.

The Zanu PF leader reiterated the national shrine was a preserve for people who took a leading role in the country’s liberation struggle.

“This is a resting place for those who committed themselves to fight for this country. There are many good people, they have many groups. There are Christians; those who teach the Word of God, they are holy. The bishops and the fathers in the Roman Catholic Church, they are holy,” he said.

“If you were dedicated, but couldn’t come here, we have shrines in the provinces.”

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