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Challenges necessary part of life


The great oil explorer Sir Francis Drake made an impact in his day and age through commercialising the oil industry.

At one time, he was attempting to recruit young men to join him on one of his expeditions.

He gathered a group of energetic men and told them of the inherent benefits associated with the impending exploration.

He told them how they were going to see some of the greatest scenic views in the world; sandy beaches, trees bearing huge, juicy and ripe fruit.

He proceeded to paint a picture of the beautiful landscapes that these men could expect to see, the priceless treasures and a lot of other nice things that were bound to be experienced.

Drake told them that the wonderful experiences were going to be theirs if only they would join him in the venture before him.

Amazingly, none of the crew chose to join Drake’s party and accompany him.

A few days later, Drake changed his strategy of recruiting.

He told the men who had assembled that if they would go with him, they were going to experience storms and sleepless nights with the potential of terrifying them in a great way. He even told them that some would die in the course of duty.

They were going to face the challenge of heavy winds on the ocean and being blown out off course for months.

They were going to go without fresh water for several days as well. In short, danger awaited them in this exploration.

Drake finished by telling them that if they thought they had the stamina and wits to handle all these pressures and challenges, then he might consider taking them with him as his crew and they would have an experience which would exceed their wildest dreams.

Every single one of the second group joined Drake. Some were not even prepared to go back to tell their families of their decision.

They were so enthused and passionate for the challenge that was lying ahead of them.

What gives meaning to life are not the easy pathways that most of us desire so much.

The moment life becomes too easy, it is not worth living. If you get everything that you want on a silver platter, then such a life is the most boring thing that you can have as a human being.

There is no person the world over who made an impact without having faced their challenges head-on and brought about the solutions that go alongside those challenges.

Children always play and jump about as a means of seeking something that is great and exciting to their lives.

The reason why the first group that Drake spoke to never responded was because they probably had no need of the scenic views promised.

What they required above all else was a challenge that would give their life meaning.

This was the reason why the second group responded positively.

Isn’t it amazing that most people avoid a life of challenge at all costs?

What is not realised is that great legacies are built by addressing the challenges of the world and not through sitting back and wondering what would be happening around you.

Someone is declared a hero because they would have shown what they are made of through addressing the challenges of life.

Another is promoted at work not because they are taking things easy and maintaining the status quo.

Instead, it is a result of the ability to see challenges, crafting ways of addressing such challenges and propelling the entity forward.

What is the point of giving someone with a cowardly mindset a position of influence?

Truly, why would the electorate elect someone who is always running away from difficult situations?

There is no single woman who desires to be married to a faint-hearted husband who runs away from a lizard.

Any woman who desires to hold a baby in their hands must be prepared to pass through the challenge of the labour ward.

This generation requires a certain calibre of person, like the biblical David who would appear small outwardly but would have within them the strength of a lion.

The only platform that can propel one from a mediocre state to a higher platform is when a Goliathic mass is defeated.

As long as you haven’t killed a Goliath situation in your life, forget about being a king on the throne.

The high places are yours for the taking but only on one condition: that you would have addressed the challenges of the hour.

The time to point fingers and give excuses is long past.

This is an era that calls for men and women who are determined to add value to the needs of the world by addressing whatever comes along the way.

The reason the second group that Drake addressed responded forthwith was that they wanted to make their impact upon humanity regardless of the consequences to their lives.

They were not only prepared to suffer for the work at hand but they were even willing to die for a worthy cause.

Are you one person who is prepared to suffer to the point of possibly dying for a cause that would add value to the human race?

Never run away from the challenges of life but use them as the stepping stones to the high places.

Everyone who is in an enviable position passed through their moment of challenge and they emerged victors in the process.

For those who wake up great without having overcome challenges, the lives they lead only stand to be meaningless.

I desire that you lead a meaningful life by facing challenges head-on. Such is the reason why you are animate.

Until next time, face your challenges and we stand to embrace each other in the future having emerged victorious in our different endeavours.

Yours committed to positively impacting humanity.

Noah Mangwarara is a motivational speaker and leadership expert. Feedback on 0772 884 509/ nmangwarara@gmail.com

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