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Byo Zifa Division Two leagues fused


Zifa Bulawayo Province has merged the Division Two (A) and (B) into one league consisting of 18 teams for the 2011 season in an effort to improve the quality of the game.

Washington Sithole, Zifa Bulawayo Province secretary yesterday said they believe in quality and not in numbers.

“We realised that the standard of play with too many teams is not very competitive. We are trying to improve the standard of play, hence the move to fuse the teams into one league. We believe in quality and not in numbers,” Sithole said.

Seven top teams from both the A and the B leagues will make it into the new league. From A, Black Boots, Tsholotsho, Zimplow, Ajax, Zim Leopards, Kelshemer and East Rovers will be playing in the league.

Sizane Fruits, Sauerstown Spurs, Highlanders Under-19, Iminyela, Select Stars and Falakhe will be joining the new league from Division Two B.

Promoted from Division Three are Amalanda and Bulawayo Jumbos with Luveve Big XI and Khami United coming into the league after being relegated from the Buscod Zifa Southern Region Division One Soccer League.

Mpumalanga United, relegated from Division One, join the Zifa Matabeleland North Province Division Two league while financially troubled Zupco, which was also chopped, has disbanded.

Sithole said the amalgamation of the teams into one Division Two league for the Bulawayo Province was endorsed by the clubs at their annual general meeting.

He said the clubs also agreed to fork out $400 in affiliation fees by the end of February and those clubs which failed to pay by the deadline, would be withdrawn and replaced by those able to afford it.

“The clubs also agreed to affiliation fees of $400 and clubs that fail to pay by the end of February may not be considered and they will be replaced by those clubs that can pay,” Sithole said.

He said they hoped to start the league in the first or second week of March.

Clubs that were dropped from the Division Two A and B leagues move to Division Three and Sithole said Zifa Bulawayo Province was mulling the idea of creating a Division Four League for the 2011 season.

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