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Procrastination: an armed robber


The year 2010 is coming to an end and it is dumbfounding that there are more regrets than jubilation concerning those things that could have been achieved.

It is disturbing and a great shock how many songs were never sung; many stories were never written; many businesses were never started and many problems were never solved.

The most unfortunate thing is that the plans were visibly laid down earlier on, especially in the form of New Year’s resolutions.

What struck most of these men and women is the armed robber called procrastination.

This robber has been wreaking havoc for time immemorial.

There is more destruction which can be attributed to procrastination than anything else the world over.

We don’t have solutions in the current dispensation because someone continued to push forward until they were no more.

Many people’s potential has been brought to naught by procrastination than by any other single factor the world over.

Just envision the number of things you have pushed today but you haven’t even started executing them.

Think of the many things you were meant to action last year and you are yet to action them.

This year is almost over yet again but you haven’t even done anything about your resolution.

The reason why you have done nothing to date is because you have succumbed to the armed robber called procrastination.

By so doing, you are fast becoming the next victim. I wish you would harness all your powers and defend your territory.

Most of us have tried to perfect our trade before implementing the solutions we harbour.

In the process, we have good reason to postpone to another day those things we can do presently.

The chances are very high that you will get to your death bed without perfecting anything.

In the process, a whole life would have been destroyed.

The benefits to other world citizens would likewise have been jeopardised.

Never wait for the perfect day because the wheels of the world are not driven by perfectionism nor procrastination; instead they are turned by men and women who are committed to action above all else.

The breakthrough to your pursuits doesn’t lie in pushing to tomorrow what could have been done yesterday.

Instead, the best that you can do to the value you possess is act with the best of your ability using what you have at your disposal.

The dividing line between the highly successful personalities and those who continue to ply the lower rungs of mediocrity lies in the manner time is used especially the present minutes and seconds.

Desist from the bad habit of postponing your encounter with destiny to another day. Why should you permit procrastination to eat into your present and future?

Are you not aware that yesterday was destroyed by this habit of pushing things forward?

If I were you, I would guard my territory outright.

From now onwards, I would become very vigilant when it comes to the maximisation of my talents.

Truly, what’s the point of having massive potential that is continually shoved towards the day of my demise?

It appears as though men and women of my generation are not conscious of the fact that they are closer to their death now than they were yesterday.

Before your final day on earth arrives, attempt to do those things that will stand in the future as a mark of your contribution to the cause of the human spirit.

Never push such solutions to another day. Procrastination will never address the challenges of the world, yesterday, today and forever.

Executing with exceptional passion in the present day possesses the seed of greatness for you.

Wherever you find yourself, politician, gospel preacher, student, inventor or businessman, the best time at your disposal is now. Procrastination has neithermonument nor legacy.

There is no positive record that has been left behind by this armed robber. No book has ever been written by pushing to another day the writing process. Real profit is not feasible if you are ever thinking of doing it tomorrow.

The soundness of the world is never dependent upon those people who are ever in the habit of pushing to another day those things that ought to be done now.

If you are not careful, you end up having a situation where the little at your disposal is squandered by this robber you have to deal with once and for all.

There is no room to relax; the onus is upon you to do those things you have been created to bring forth. It is now or never.

I therefore challenge you to start thinking and acting as though this were your last day on earth. Do those things that are key to your progress.

Sitting back and hoping for the great days to come is an act of cowardice that should never again be permitted in your life.

As we move into the New Year, desist from the habit of formulating resolutions that are never followed through.

As long as you continue to allow procrastination to determine the pace of your life, you will be in a state of regret come end of next year.

As you go through the paces in your life, realise than procrastination is an armed robber who happens to be very destructive. Never allow this robber to get in your way.

Till next time, let’s agree to do what we have to do and we will meet, having made worthwhile contributions to the advancement of civilisation.

Noah Mangwarara is a Motivational Speaker and author of several books. Feedback on 0775 952 634/ nmangwarara@gmail.com

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