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Budget Highlights


Value of Budget – $2,7 billion
l Revenue/expenditure
– $2,7 billion

l Nominal GDP – $8 billion

l Inflation rate target – 4,8%

l Tax-free threshold adjusted from $175 to $225 per month

l Bonus-exempt tax threshold increased from $400 to $500

l Reduced duty on motor vehicles

l Tough measures on the importation of cheap highly intoxicating spirits

l Education gets highest vote – $400 million

l Pupils grants increased from $13,8 million to $15,5 million

l $23 million for rehabilitation of 6 556 schools

l $15 million for Student Support Grant and Loan Fund.

l $30 million for university halls of residence

l Nothing for elections and constitution-making process

l All authorised dealers, including banks, shops, petroleum undertakings and any commercial enterprises, to display the daily applicable international cross rates for all prescribed currencies in a manner conspicuous to the public

l US Department of Treasury to replace soiled notes and provide coins

l 660 000 vulnerable households to be assisted with fertilisers and seed

l $1 million for land surveys and demarcation of farm boundaries.

l $20 million for Tokwe Mukosi and $4 million for Gwayi-Shangani dams.

l $5,6 million to refurbish mission hospitals

l $20 million for health institutions infrastructure

l $1,3 million for orthopaedic limbs

l $2,1 million for defence and security training programmes

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