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Two barnmates return to All-Stars house


Big Brother All-Stars Barnmates, better known as the losers, are anxious as Big Brother has revealed to them that a minimum of two barnmates will be whisked back into the main Big Brother Africa House at the end of next week to compete for the main prize of $200 000.

Big Brother said the information was given to the remaining six barnmates to avoid confusion as the barnmates had no idea why they were put into the barn instead of being sent back to their homes.

When they got the news, the barnmates were silent for a moment before actually raising their concerns about what Big Brother actually meant by saying “a minimum of two.”

Sheila Kwamboka (Kenya) stated: “That’s some bombo! A minimum, that means more than two.” Tatiana Durao (Angola) on the other hand decoded that it actually meant only one person from the house would join them this Sunday, before the ‘two’ barnmates were returned to the house. Paloma (Zambia) said she wondered what Africa was thinking, while Jen (Mozambique) pretended to be unmoved and started singing and dancing about.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe’s representative in the Big Brother house, Munyaradzi Chidzonga is safe from eviction this Sunday while all other housemates are up for eviction.

Africa will decide which housemate they will send to the barn on Sunday. Africa will also have the power to decide which barnmates they are going to send back to the house next week as a minimum of two barnmates are to be sent back to the Big Brother All-Stars house.

The Big Brother All-Stars action continues live 24/7 on DStv Channel 198, with edited highlights shows every day of the week on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) and later on AfricaMagic (DStv Channel 114).

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