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Cops’ victim appeals to Mohadi


A Harare man has written to Home Affairs co-minister Kembo Mohadi asking for his intervention in what he alleges is the abuse of power by a senior police officer.

Raymond Sandarama lodged a report with the police close to a year ago, but up until now, police have allegedly refused to open a docket.

Sandarama says he decided to write a letter to the co-minister after failing to get any joy from police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri, to whom he had lodged another complaint about the matter.

He says he bought a Nissan Hardbody vehicle from Tonderai Chishawa under an agreement where he paid $5 000 cash and topped up with a Mercedes Benz 190E.

However, four months down the line, Chishawa brought back the Mercedes Benz and demanded another $5 000 cash, which money Sandarama said he did not have.

“Chishawa insisted he wanted to reverse the deal and got the assistance of one Detective Sergeant Gilbert Nyamhondoro to enforce his demand,” Sandarama said in his communication to Mohadi and the police.

Sandarama says the policeman and Nyamhondoro appeared to have taken the matter personally and seized the Nissan Hardbody truck, handing it back to Chishawa.

Sandarama said on November 5 last year, he was summoned to Ahmed House where he met Nyamhondoro who told him he was under arrest on allegations of fraud.

“No formal report was made against me, let alone a police docket being opened. Detective Sgt Nyamhondoro assumed the role of arresting policeman, presiding magistrate and prosecutor as he openly ordered that I surrender the motor vehicle and all the parts I had bought for its repair.

“He indicated to me that I can approach any office of my choice, but nothing would be done . . . I am beginning to believe him as the office of the commissioner general has done nothing about my complaint although I personally hand-delivered my letter of complaint to his office on November 18 2009.”

Sandarama alleges that the detective did not represent or protect the interest of the state, but wanted instead his friend’s interests.

“I have received numerous phone calls threatening me and whoever it is that is doing that is bent on silencing me. If your office ignores my case that would translate to my being condemned, which condemnation I personally believe I do not deserve. Instead I deserve sympathy. Minister I am in great pain,” Sandarama wrote to Mohadi.

Sandarama pleaded with the minister as he continues to receive calls accusing him of fraud yet no docket has been opened.

Efforts to get Mohadi to acknowledge receipt of the complaint of the correspondence were fruitless up to the time of going to press.

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