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‘Diamond Boy’ remains untouchable


Munya – who has described himself as a “diamond boy” – now seems a strong contender for the top prize as he continues to shred the Big Brother housemate survival records.

Zimbabwe’s representative in the Big Brother Africa All Stars has magnificently seen to it that his country’s flag continues to fly high, as Africa has continuously thrown its weight behind him to escape eviction.

On Sunday evening, Africa kept Munya in the BBA house and decided to send Jen (Mozambique) to the barn. Jen, one of the best dancers in the house, only commanded one country vote against Munya’s 14 country votes.

In a classic example of the great betrayal, Jen’s native country Mozambique did not even vote for her.

With a lot of speculation going on, Nigeria strategically voted for Jen probably because they wanted to get rid of Munya in order to increase Uti’s (Nigeria) chances of winning. Munya, in this case, is one of Uti’s greatest threats.

Every Sunday, Munya wears the same outfit: formal grey pants and black top.

Unlike Paloma (Zambia) who was evicted last week, Jen was emotional about being taken to the barn as she thought she was going to stay in the barn alone.

The Maputo girl could not believe her eyes when the barnmates eventually opened the doors to let her in. When they asked her why she was crying, she said it was because she did not like cows.

However, Jen said she needed a smoke and she was confronted with more bad news that smoking and drinking were prohibited in the barn.

Jen confessed that although she was blessed to be in the barn, she was tired of being in the game. She told her close buddy, Code, that being nominated was one thing and being evicted was another but now, the barn was a whole new ball game for her.

Munya, however, has shown all the housemates that he is a serious threat and a potential winner of this year’s edition of Big Brother.

With five housemates left in the house, the game has finally begun as the housemates now have their eyes on the money. Meryl (Namibia) is the last girl standing for now and the midnight crew has the most surviving housemates: Mwisho, Uti and Meryl.

Munya is left with one genuine friend, Kaone (Botswana).

Munya is this week’s Head of House and will most likely stay a week longer because he has an option to save himself should he be put up for eviction.

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