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Copac to visit omitted areas


Copac is in the process of carrying out an audit on areas that have not been covered by the outreach teams, so that they could be visited.

Copac co-chairperson Edward Mkhosi told NewsDay recently that there would be teams that would visit areas that had not been covered.

“An audit is currently being undertaken to find out which areas were not visited by the outreach teams and teams will go back to those areas,” he said.

“Most of these areas not covered are in the rural areas in places such as Tsholotsho and Nkayi,” he said.

The Matabeleland Civic Society Consortium recently revealed that about 17 wards were not covered in Tsholotsho and 16 wards in Nkayi.

Farmers in Umzingwane district recently attacked Copac for deliberately sidelining them.

They said their views were not captured and were demanding that Copac teams revisit Umzingwane as people from the constituency did not participate in the process.

Following the exclusion of people with speech and hearing impairment from the constitution-writing process, the National Association for the Care of the Handicapped (Nascoh) has also called upon Copac to revisit some areas and that they should target people living with disabilities who were left out of the process.

According to Nascoh, there are 500 000 people in the country who are either deaf or dumb and had not been allowed to take part in the constitution-making process because Copac failed to enlist the aid of interpreters.

Mkhosi also revealed that Copac was responsible for the confusion in the number of meetings to be held in Matabeleland North and South.

“What happened was that initially we had agreed to have two meetings in a day.

However, there was then a directive that the number of meetings be reduced to one per day as there were limited funds to carry out two meetings a day, so we had to compress the meetings and that is what caused the confusion,” he said.

Copac is meant to begin its outreach process in Bulawayo and Harare next week.

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