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Tradition gags women at Copac meetings


While women contribute the highest number of participants at constitutional outreach meetings currently underway countrywide, they are not standing up and contributing as a result of cultural impediments.
Deputy Minister of Women Affairs Jessie Majome, who is also Copac spokesperson, said in an interview after attending an outreach meeting in Mutoko yesterday a lot still has to be done to ensure that women, who constitute 52% of the country’s population, add their voices to the constitution-making debate.
“The constitution-making process offers women the greatest opportunity for women to shape their lives, women should take this chance to change laws that still enslave them. Unfortunately this is not the case, women are attending but they must also speak. Unfortunately tradition does not allow women to freely express themselves,” said Majome.
According to latest statistics from Copac, women are contributing the highest number of participants with 41% attending meetings while men make up 38% and youths make up 19% and the disabled at least 0, 52%.
“I am disappointed by the fact that women hardly spoke at the meeting I attended in Mutoko this week and it is so disheartening, women were hardly speaking,” said Majome.
She said she attributed the failure by women to contribute to the supreme law debating process to a lack of education, adding that it was not too late for various groups to carry out education programmes to equip women with relevant contribution points as well as instill confidence.
“Insufficient groundwork was done and much work has to be done if the aspirations of women are to be realised.
“As a ministry we want women to go out and not only talk about women and children’s rights but also about other issues such as public finances,” said Majome.

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