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MDC-T defectors accused of swindling villages


Two Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) councillors in Nyanga who recently defected to Zanu PF have been accused of swindling villagers of $5 000.
Godfrey Sadowera of Ward 3, Nyanga North and Moses Matesva of Ward 29, Nyanga South are said to have hoodwinked villagers in their respective areas into believing they could source agricultural inputs for them.
The MDC-T said the two were running away from their criminal activities.
“They have simply gone home to Zanu PF, the sanatorium of corrupt and fraudulent public officials,” the MDC-T said in a statement.
According to Nyanga North MP Douglas Mwonzora, the party leadership in the province came hard on councillors forcing them to account for the villagers’ monies. Mwonzora said this forced the councillors to defect to Zanu PF where they hoped to get protection for their fraudulently activities.
“As a party of excellence, the MDC does not tolerate any form of criminality and the two councillors have failed to pass the test,” he said.

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