Ruwa council desperate for burial land


The budding town of Ruwa, some 20km east of Harare has run out of burial and housing space prompting the authorities to approach the government for more land, specifically in the surrounding farms, to accommodate the expanding town.
The town is home to over 300 000 people.
Board chair Pinias Mushayavanhu said Ruwa was so desperate for land that it would soon have nowhere to neither bury its dead or to build houses for its growing population. The town, he said, was currently burying people on ground rented from Goromonzi Rural District Council while a well-wisher had offered the council land to dump its refuse.
As a result of the shortage of land, Mushayavanhu said, no commercial or residential developments were taking place in the town.“We are in desperate need for land,” he said. “We have appealed to the Ministry of Local Government to provide us with land so that we can meet the demand. Most of the land surrounding us is owned by private individuals who are holding onto the land for speculative purposes. As a town council we do not have the authority to take the land nor do we have the funds to purchase it.” Ruwa was recently accorded town status, but its expansion has been slow as it has always been regarded a satellite town of Harare.
Mushayavanhu said the proximity of the town to Harare had made it extremely difficult for it to grow.
“We are regarded as part of Harare but that is not so. We are a separate local authority with our own administrative system,” he said. —Own Correspondent