Cops nab councillor over portraits zeal


A Karoi City father who took the concord of the inclusive government a bit too far recently landed himself in hot soup when he was arrested for sticking up Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s picture next to President Robert Mugabe’s official portrait at the Town Chambers.

Karoi Town Clerk, Maxwell Kaitano confirmed the incident.

He said Councillor Solomon Chiwaya was last Saturday arrested and fined $5 by police from the Chinhoyi Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

“The DA (District Administrator) got wind of the incident and immediately alerted CID Chinhoyi. Police officers were dispatched from Chinhoyi, but they did not find the councillor.

“They left an order for him to report to their offices in Chinhoyi and the councillor did so. He admitted he had indeed stuck up the picture and was arrested. He was charged and fined $5 before he was released,” the Town Clerk said.

Chiwaya was charged under the Miscellaneous Offences Act which states that every government office in the country has a portrait of Mugabe.

The inclusive government has not accorded Tsvangirai the same honour and the Prime Minister too has to work with the picture of his political archenemy overlooking him from behind his desk at his Munhumutapa office.


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