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Unpredictable weather and lack of government support has made it all but impossible for Zimbabwe’s resettled farmers to achieve anything like the full potential of their plots

Resettled Zimbabwe farmers left high and dry

Ten years ago, former bricklayer, Samuel Musengi was allocated a nine-hectare plot to cultivate in Zimbabwe, as part of an accelerated phase of land reform programme that saw tens of thousands of black families resettled on what were once vast, mostly white-owned commercial farms.


Property rights handbook launched

THE controversy dogging Zimbabwe’s property rights has come back in the spotlight, with the recent launch of a property rights handbook commissioned by German non-governmental organisation, Friedrich-Naumman-Stiftung (FNS).

Win Mlambo

Zimbabwe showcases at Hungary ITU Conference

Zimbabwe is exhibiting at the 2015 International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Conference in Budapest, Hungary, where players from 120 countries are charting the way forward in the world’s fastest growing sector.

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