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Naïve believers are lied to by the devil and fear instilled in them to the point that they end up in false humility which is pride in itself

Enjoying salvation

Believers are not a community of miserable and helpless people. Salvation came at the price of the blood of Jesus, an investment whose dividends Christians have to know and fully partake of. Salvation means that we’re saved from sin and its effects.

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If ever there is a strategy the leadership will inevitably  regret, it is that of deploying police officers on roads armed with receipt books, metal spikes and baton sticks

Beware of breaking point

The temerity to fork out a million plus dollars for a ring against the backdrop of the prevailing economic meltdown is scandalous. Splashing such a huge amount on an ornament is a disgraceful exposure of deficient conscience. What a prideful way of exposing one’s seamy side!

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