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Fake Congolese magician up for fraud

Local News
Harare provincial magistrates Dennis Mangosi denied him bail and remanded the matter to July 2 indicating that Kingombe once defrauded another person in 2009.

A CONGOLESE man Jean-Piere Kingombe (49)  was denied bail on fraud allegations after he duped Nyasha Masoka US$100 000 when he and his accomplices  promised to magically  multiply the money to US$300 000.

Harare provincial magistrates Dennis Mangosi denied him bail and remanded the matter to July 2 indicating that Kingombe once defrauded  another person in 2009.

The magistrate added that Kingombe is likely to abscond trial since he is a foreigner.

Kingombe’s accomplices James Munetsi, Kamupro and Isaac are currently on the run.

It is the State case that in December 2023, the team approached Masoka who is Munetsi’s long-time friend and Munetsi introduced his accomplices as magicians with power to multiply the cash.

“They conducted a test run in which the accused multiplied US$10 to US$30 which was used to buy some refreshments. Munetsi then persuaded the complainant to source a large sum of cash giving him assurance that if the deal materialises, it will boost his business,” the court heard.

It is further alleged that after getting assurance from his friend, he gave them US$100 000 on condition that it would multiply to US$300 000 which they were going to share.

The accused person wrapped the cash after mixing it with pieces of black paper and some unknown white substance. 

It is alleged that Kingombe placed the cash  in a box  which he made the complainant believe was an incubator  and inside that box  there was a bunch of papers  of similar  size  as the bundle of cash.

After the incubation time had lapsed, Kingombe took the bundle of paper from the incubation box. 

He instructed the complainant not to open the bunch that he had given him until after 24 hours after which they would open it together.

The court heard that Masoka opened the box after 24 hours and realised that there was nothing in the box and in actual fact he was duped of his US$100 000.

The court heard that  Kingombe fled to Mutare after realising that he was being sought after by the police.

Thomas Chanakira represented the State.

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