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Top filmmakers join hands in thriller

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Contemporary filmmaker Daniel Lasker has joined forces with veteran actor and filmmaker Eddie “Chabvonga” Sandifolo for the movie titled Hidden Within which premiered over the weekend at  the Academy of Music in Bulawayo.

IN the world of cinema, collaboration often results in the creation of groundbreaking masterpieces which resonate with audiences for generations.

Contemporary filmmaker Daniel Lasker has joined forces with veteran actor and filmmaker Eddie “Chabvonga” Sandifolo for the movie titled Hidden Within which premiered over the weekend at  the Academy of Music in Bulawayo.

The enriching journey undertaken by Lasker and Sandifolo for the creative synergy on the film, exemplifies the power of collaboration in cinema.

The partnership marries innovation and experience, resulting in a cinematic experience that encapsulates the essence of storytelling and the magic of the silver screen that is set to charm audiences.

The synopsis of the film, which Lasker said was born out of intense brainstorming sessions, centres on a young woman who returns to Zimbabwe to visit her sick father, a string of disappearances reveal a dark secret hidden within the place she once called home.

“The music and sound design were essential for creating the right atmosphere and tension in the film. A large amount of storytelling is communicated through the sound. The film was fully mixed and mastered in Dolby Atmos surround sound by Sound Surgeon Studios,” Lasker told NewsDay Life & Style.

“What excites me most about this film is that it was set in Bulawayo. It is so fulfilling to see my home city as a backdrop for a thriller mystery adventure. It is something I can one day, as an old man, sit down and watch with pride. I think Zimbabweans and foreign audiences will really enjoy our film’s settings and characters.”

Like any artistic endeavour, Lasker notes that the creation of the film was not without obstacles.

He said they faced many challenges along the way, but they never gave up and the collective expertise and resilience of the team enabled them to navigate these challenges with grace.

“Making a film is not a simple or easy task, especially with minimal resources. We did not have a big budget for this movie, so it came down to our small, but amazing team, putting in lots of extra effort to pull it off,” he said.

“We passionately believed this film needed to be shared with Zimbabwe and the world. The cast's unwavering determination and open communication fosters a collaborative environment where creative solutions are embraced and artistic integrity remains at the forefront.”

Speaking on their collaboration, Lasker said it was founded on mutual respect and a recognition of each other’s strengths.

Sandifolo’s years of industry experience and nuanced understanding of storytelling complement Lasker’s fresh perspective and technical proficiency. This harmonious fusion has created a synergy that elevates the project to new heights.

Lasker described Sandifolo as a terrific actor and a wonderful person.

“I have worked with Sandifolo before on past projects, so when the script was being written, I knew he would be perfect for the detective role, he has the authority to pull it off as he is such a natural actor,” he noted.

“He can follow directions effortlessly and we would often have fun experimenting with various performance options on set. He has a powerful intensity on screen which works perfectly with his character.”

Lasker said when they filmed the first scene with Sandifolo’s character and saw him on screen for the first time, he knew his character would be one of the favourites.

“I was like “wooah”, that is Detective Thabani Ndlovu. I am very proud of all our actors’ performances. Everyone played their part so well,” he said.

The talented duo’s filmmaking profiles show great expertise.

Armed with a passion for creating thought-provoking movies, Lasker has gained recognition for their distinct style and unique storytelling voice in a science-fiction film called The Signal which made waves last year as Zimbabwe’s first Science fiction movie.

His associate, Sandifolo, with an illustrious career spanning decades, has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Famed for his versatility and ability to bring characters to life with captivating performances, Sandifolo is well known for his Mambo Chabvonga role in the once popular Tiriparwendo drama series that used to show on national broadcaster, ZBC TV.

Sandifolo has also directed a movie of the same genre called Ngoda alongside top filmmaker Joe Njagu.

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