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Shumba bounces back with new book

Life & Style
Rabison Shumba

SOUTH AFRICA-BASED leadership expert, renowned global speaker and author, Rabison Shumba, has bounced back with a new book titled Winning in Business and Leadership after a decade-long hiatus from publishing.

The book, whose first draft was done over 10 years ago, is a treasure trove of timeless wisdom and knowledge on business leadership.

Shumba told NewsDay Life & Style that he decided to finally publish the book, through Royalty Books, to share important leadership insights and nuggets.

The author, who is also the founder and chief executive officer of Africa Vumilia Group in Johannesburg, said he spent the last five years building his business after taking a break from publishing although he continued writing.

“I did not take a break from writing. However, I slowed down on publishing. Writing is my life, it is one of the key facets that punctuate my purposeful life,” he said.

Shumba noted that with the current book, his goal was to empower people to live maximised and fulfilled lives.

“Having been in business for a number of years, I realised how many want to do the same but lack mentorship and direction. I mentor thousands through books,” he noted.

The leadership guru said although some of the ideas in the book were penned many years ago, they were still relevant for contemporary leaders.

“Wisdom makes even better sense over time. You would be glad to know that I wrote this book over 10 years ago, but I feel strongly that its relevance today is prime,” he reckons.

“I have refreshed some of the thoughts to add flesh but suffice to say, I have always desired that my voice transcends many generations not just the one I live in now. I consider my audience to include even those not born as yet.”

Shumba further stated that he believed everything is centred on leadership.

“Leadership is not about position, but disposition. Leadership, therefore, is the fundamental cog for progress and can also cause regression,” he explained.

The corporate leader said his experience in the business world immensely contributed to how he has been shaped as a leader.

“I have learnt how to deal with people, to become a contributor of what can-be than a mere consumer of what already is. Building a business from scratch with no capital in a foreign land, expanding it into three nations in five years while impacting thousands of lives in the process comes with its own fair share of lessons,” he said.

Shumba noted that it was important for leaders to write for posterity, to inspire and speak beyond the grave.

“Leadership calls on us to be selfless with knowledge. I always narrate the story of elders back in my village that had vast wisdom but it vanished when they were buried. As you garner experience in business and leadership, I would encourage you to put your thoughts on paper.

“Books are legacy instruments that not only reward you financially, but more importantly help to build communities. If you are a leader who has faced it all, the good, the bad and the absolutely ugly, you have content that can touch millions,” he added.

Shumba has published several books including The Greatness Manual, Fountain of Inspiration (Volume 1) and Showers of Inspiration.

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