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Use jobless graduates as election officers

File pic: Graduates

ON behalf of myself and the unemployed college students, I am humbly requesting Higher and Tertiary Education minister Amon Murwira, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister Paul Mavima, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson Priscilla Chigunba and every concerned Zimbabwean to spare a thought for the struggling college students by recommending them for jobs in the forthcoming electoral process.

Because these jobs are reserved for civil servants, I humbly appeal that graduates also be considered in view of the plight of students at tertiary institutions, some of whom are forced to drop their programmes due to lack of funds or to resort to unethical means of survival.

It would be sensible to offer them a chance to earn a few dollars in the forthcoming electoral process.

In this regard, it is heartening to see that Murwira has already alluded to the need to expose college graduates to the working environment.

I believe the forthcoming elections are a God-send to translate his wishes into practice.- Citizen

Mineral beneficiation long overdue

ZIMBABWE is too rich to be poor and any failures to harness the country’s resources for its benefit are not only oxymoronic, but symptomatic of our failure as a nation to benefit from what the Lord Almighty bestowed upon us.

My heart bleeds when the country’s natural resources are plundered with little benefit accruing to the communities from which the extractions are being done and (without sounding racist) when people from foreign countries smile all the way to the bank, while what remains to the locals is only bestial.

The promulgation of the statutory instrument banning the exportation of unprocessed base minerals should, ceteris paribus, be welcomed as a move in the right direction as it might promote beneficiation as opposed to mass extraction of raw materials from the country without any iota of value-addition.

What further irks me is that as a country we end up importing — at exorbitant prices for that matter – products made from our unbeneficiated exports and we cry the loudest when it comes to why we paradoxically remain poor when we are rich!

The rate at which our natural resources are being depleted by —you know who — is alarming and our future generations might be left with very little to inherit from their forefathers.

As such, my prayers are for logistical and implementation procedures to be smoothened to avoid turning this noble initiative into a mere gimmick or smokescreen. - Canisio Mudzimu

Is our liberator now enslaver, oppressor?

I AM writing this letter as a concerned citizen, who has watched our nation erode over time and as a person, who has come to fully understand the great connection between politics and economics.

What has become clear to me and, I hope to many Zimbabweans, is that Zanu PF, a party that claims to have liberated us, has a very narrow definition and understanding of what liberation, sovereignty and nationalism mean.

It appears their definition of sovereignty, liberation and nationalism is limited to their desired faction taking over Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe belongs to them and the rest of us Zimbabweans should feel just privileged to live in Zimbabwe, a country they liberated and own.

What is evident more than ever before is that our liberator (Zanu PF) is now our enslaver and oppressor.

I have taken the liberty of putting down the dictionary definition of those words mean in relation to Zimbabwe.

lNational sovereignty — the authority of a State to govern itself or another State. Synonyms: autonomy, independence, self-government, self-rule, home rule, self-determination, freedom

  • Nationalism — patriotic feeling, principles or efforts
  • Liberation — the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release. Freedom from limits on thought or behaviour.

If they are really true patriots, who believe they fought for the freedoms of all Zimbabweans, then they must understand it is time to set the people free.

It is time for them to fulfil the promises of freedom and self-determination that they fought for.

It is time for them to recognise that Zimbabwe belongs to everyone and not a select few.

It is time for Zanu PF to go back to the promises of 1980 and the first step would be for Zimbabwe to be allowed to have a free and fair election. Let the people decide who they want in 2023.

Let the people of Zimbabwe finally experience the liberation Zanu PF claims fought for.

It is time for sanity to prevail in our country and for freedom to reign supreme; and if Zanu PF continues to be in the way of freedom, then we must now, as citizens, commit ourselves to resisting and removing this party in its entirety and to make a commitment to never recognise our enslavers, Zanu PF, as liberators, but rather recognise them for the traitors they are.

Traitors to the Zimbabwean cause, traitors parading as nationalists and liberators, while advancing their selfish and elitist agenda to loot and enrich themselves. - Concerned


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