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Increasing your net worth- Purpose

The best thing in life is to discover one’s purpose early. When you discover your purpose, it becomes easy to know what you must do for the rest of your life. Purpose will tell you what to do and what not to do in order to improve your life.


The best thing in life is to discover one’s purpose early. When you discover your purpose, it becomes easy to know what you must do for the rest of your life. Purpose will tell you what to do and what not to do in order to improve your life.

The greatest discovery in life is to discern why you were born. Purpose should be the driving force for your life. Every human being was created to fill a gap on earth. Every human being was created to be an answer to humanity. Every human being was created with and for a purpose.

Learn to lead

Leadership is not only when you are the top person in an organisation, but when you learn to lead in your purpose. Most people have learnt skills, but have not learnt their purpose. When you are walking in your purpose, you start leading. In your purpose, you don’t have to compete with anyone, but with your innate potential. Book recommendation: Start with a Why by Simon Sinek

Learn to manage

From being a leader, you must learn to be a good manager. You need to manage time, change and money. Time is the greatest resource you have on your side. The level of your success stands at par with how you managed your time. It is in a time-space where you are supposed to fulfil your purpose. How do you use your time? With time comes change. You can’t behave like a toddler today, you are now old and things have changed. Learn to be an effective manager.

The right environment

What you need in life is the right environment. A seed needs a proper environment for it to germinate and grow to its full potential. Seek good relationships that can cultivate your purpose to the fullest. Bad friends impede your growth, Great friends encourage your growth. Look at your associates; are they adding any value? Probably your seed (potential) is not growing because of the wrong environment.

Reading books

Reading increases and improves your ideas. Books form your thought-line. What you read determines what you think about. There are good books that will expand your mindset and life. We are living in a generation with a lot of entertainment more than increase our net worth.

Great books I recommend include: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and John C Maxwell, The Greatness Manual by Rabison Shumba, Dance and Pursue your Dreams by Milton Kamwendo. Your mind is a sum total of what you feed it with.

Learn money

“Until you change your mindset, money won’t help you,” – Anon. Most people don’t need money, they need a purpose discovery and mindset rewiring. The reason why most people are still poor is because they try to play it safe and that is what school taught us. School taught us how to earn a salary, but never to earn a fortune. School punished us for failing, but in failing that is where we explore our creativity. School never taught us to fail successfully. The school system never teaches about money; it teaches people to look for a good job. To master the money game, exercise imagination. Albert Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Best reads on money include Poor Dad, Rich Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and Money – Master the Game by Tony Ribbons.

Daily habits

Dr Mike Murdock said: “Successful people do daily what ordinary people do occasionally.” If you can master what you do daily, you master your life. We fail in our small daily activities. Winning also starts in our small daily activities. The small daily habits accrue to be bigger results over time. The book I greatly recommend in order to master your habits is Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R Covey.

Learn people

People have what we need in life. All the money we need is in the hands of people. Connections we need are in people. So, if you master people, you master success. The great step is to have good people-skills. Connecting requires your effort.

Discover your driving force

If you discover your passion, you discover the driving force. Passion is like gasoline in your purpose, if your car does not have fuel, it cannot move, so is purpose. You need a fuel called passion. It is passion that gives you the reason for living. It is passion that gives you true and real fulfilment. It’s easy to hone skills related to your passion.

Hard work

Average people put in an average effort. Successful and significant people work more than an average person. Average people are good at complaining; hard workers have results to show for it. Successful people read daily, while average people read less or don’t read at all. Average people improve their skill, knowledge and are hungry. Average people are content with mediocrity, and they sit on their laurels. Successful people educate themselves. Average people hate education. Successful people graduate to academic level to self-education. Average people end with academic level.

Jonah Nyoni is an author, success coach and certified leadership/business trainer. He is the author of Inspiration for Success and Success Within Reach. Contact details: Tel: 0772 581 918. Email: [email protected]. Twitter@jonahnyoni.